Let’s deal with your project efficiently


In addition to any initial conversations, our process begins by arranging a comprehensive, obligation-free consultation.

This is where we’ll establish your exact requirements and expectations.

We’ll discuss your specific concepts and individual needs, and we’ll offer advice and guidance.

After reviewing the plans and ideas we’ll create an innovative practical design that is right for your lifestyle, landscape and streetscape.

You’ll then receive a general concept for your project. An indicative design concept will be sketched and a general cost guide provided.




Once the scope of the initial concept work is agreed upon, a brief preliminary agreement is drafted.

The initial sketched CAD drawings of the proposed works of your new home or renovation is prepared, as well as an initial specification and general cost guide.

We’ll talk you through these concepts and address any questions, concerns or alterations to the plan you may have.

Design & Costing

On acceptance of the preliminary proposal and sketch drawings, a second agreement is drafted.

Once this agreement is accepted, detailed working architectural drawings are prepared along with specifications and engineer’s designs and Energy Report.

An engineer will certify that the existing soil and structure is suitable for the new work. A one-off architectural design and engineering drawing fee applies to this agreement.

The project is then fully priced and a firm quotation is provided for your consideration and acceptance.


Building Agreement


Upon finalisation of the agreed design and cost of your project, we then formalise the agreement with the preparation of a building contract and detailed specification.

A HIA contract is provided along with a fully itemised specification of your project that has no extra hidden costs or surprises.

The contract is then signed and a deposit paid.

We then submit drawings and specification documentation to your local council and other authorities as required, and arrange all the necessary approvals and inspections.

Once all documentation is completed, a building permit will be obtained and your building project can begin.


Before construction commences we meet with you to plan and explain the building process.

All work will then be carried out in a timely and professional manner, in accordance with the plans and specifications set out in the contract.

We will ensure construction stays on track, and supervise the work being undertaken – to minimise issues, and achieve the desired result.

We also provide guidance for your selection of fittings and features.




We’ll arrange for your pre-handover inspection of the construction work – so you can make sure that everything appears to have been built correctly, and that any fixtures and fittings are installed appropriately, and finishes applied properly.

We also provide a limited warranty – for your peace of mind, should a fault subsequently occur with the work done.

Once you’ve given your approval, the handover of the project is completed – with any final payment arrangements made – and in the case of a new home, keys provided.

Move into you new home or renovated space !

Let’s get together soon for a chat about your requirements…